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Gene and Pam Leis

Welcome to the online home of Gene and Pam Leis. We decided to establish this site primarily to afford our out-of-town family and friends the same opportunity to be bored by the mundane details of our lives as our local neighbors.

The basic laziness of the male half of this pair (yours truly), along with the inertia and sloth caused by early retirement pretty much guarantee that these pages will always be under construction with no completion date even estimated.

Before your eyes glaze over, a little about us. We're residents of the big small town of Oroville - about 70 miles NNE of Sacramento, California. Pam had lived here since the early '80s and loved the area. We met in 1998, and at the time I was living in my hometown of Portland, OR. When we decided to marry, the original plan was for her to sell the house here and move into my place up north. She was tired of California and wanted a change. This experiment lasted about a year until she decided the sunshine and warm weather wasn't so bad after all, and convinced me that we should put that house on the market and move back to No. Cal.

Basically we got rid of his and hers and bought ours. In April 2001 we moved into a beautiful 4 BR, 2 1/2 bath ranch style house situated in the Sierra Nevada foothills above Oroville with lovely views of the Sacramento Valley and Coast Range mountains. We're surrounded on three sides by orange groves which provides privacy and creates a bucolic setting we both enjoy the heck out of. We share the place with our three cats Cleo, Duzie and Mauser.

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